Beginner's Guide to Using Free AI Tool for Your Wedding Business

Unlock the power of AI in the wedding business! Learn personalized content creation, online presence strategies, and leveraging Chat GPT for success.

Course Summary

The "Beginner's Guide to Using Free AI Tool for Your Business" is a FREE webinar course designed to help wedding professionals effectively utilize a free AI tool called Chat GPT to enhance their business operations. The course is led by Kristina Stubblefield, co-owner of So in Media Group, a marketing agency, and host of the WedPro Business Solutions podcast.

The course includes eight different ways to incorporate Chat GPT into daily business operations. Students are guided on writing compelling social media posts, creating informative and engaging blog content, generating catchy blog titles, and streamlining email communication with personalized messages. By utilizing AI tools, professionals can save time while crafting high-quality content that effectively communicates their expertise to potential clients.

The “Beginner’s Guide to Using Free AI Tool” highlights the transformative potential of AI tools, for wedding professionals. By integrating AI into their business strategies, professionals can create compelling content, optimize their social media presence, and effectively communicate the value of their services. The course encourages participants to take action, start using Chat GPT, and leverage its capabilities to enhance their business and save valuable time.

If you're a wedding professional seeking to enhance your online presence, attract more leads, and foster business growth, the Beginner’s Guide to Using Free AI is for you. Join us as we explore the exciting world of AI tools and their applications in the wedding industry.

The “Beginner’s Guide to Using Free AI Tool” is a pre-recorded live webinar from 2023.

Course Curriculum

Kristina Stubblefield

I'm Kristina Stubblefield, co-owner and host of the WedPro Business Solutions Podcast. I have over 23 years of experience in IT, website development, and marketing. My journey in the wedding industry began as a wedding vendor in the mid 2000’s. For the past 15 years, I have been dedicated to helping businesses level up and succeed through WedPro and So In Media Group.

Whether you are simply seeking guidance or looking for the knowledge and resources to achieve a desired outcome, my direct coaching approach will lead you to the crux of the issues in your business. Whether it is you or your systems and processes holding you back from growth, the technical and relational expertise I bring to the table will provide you with useful insight, actionable advice, and tested tactics to create and implement the solutions to help your business work for you.

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