Book More Events Workshop Bundle

Enhance online visibility! Learn website optimization, engaging content creation, and leveraging contact lists for improved online presence.

Course Summary

Course bundle includes 4 workshops: Improve Online Visibility, Optimizing Your Website, Utilizing Engaging Content & Leveraging Your Contact Lists.

IMPROVE ONLINE VISIBILITY WORKSHOP: How are you standing out from your competition when someone searches for wedding planner, photographer, caterer, etc. online? Have you Googled your business lately? Does it show up on the page 1 of results? Do you have a Google My Business listing? When was the last time your website was updated? Are you asking for testimonials as part of your off-boarding of clients?  In this workshop, I will help you understand why online reputation is important and provide you actionable steps to build trustworthiness, credibility and rise above you competition.

OPTIMIZING YOUR WEBSITE WORKSHOP: Your website is a representation of you and your business! Is it working for you? Is it updated regularly? Does it have pictures of your current events? Do you have written reviews/testimonials incorporated? Did you know that search engines determine the relevancy of your website by the frequency of updates being made and quality of content? Join me for this workshop that will give you actionable steps that  can be implemented immediately.

UTILIZING ENGAGING CONTENT WORKSHOP: Do your social media efforts fall flat? Are you asking something of your followers when you post to get them to engage with you? Are you sharing sneak peeks into who you are and how you run your business? Are you sharing what previous clients have to say about you? Are you utilizing content that you may already have at your disposal? In this workshop, I will share several tips you can implement immediately to get more engagement that will lead to booking more events!

LEVERAGING YOUR CONTACT LISTS: Do you have an email database? Text database? Are you utilizing it to book more events? How often are you reaching out to your contacts? Do you include a call to action? If you aren’t asking the recipient to do something, you’re missing out and your competition is swooping in! Join me for this workshop that will give you actionable steps that  can be implemented immediately.

Kristina Stubblefield

I'm Kristina Stubblefield, co-owner and host of the WedPro Business Solutions Podcast. I have over 23 years of experience in IT, website development, and marketing. My journey in the wedding industry began as a wedding vendor in the mid 2000’s. For the past 15 years, I have been dedicated to helping businesses level up and succeed through WedPro and So In Media Group.

Whether you are simply seeking guidance or looking for the knowledge and resources to achieve a desired outcome, my direct coaching approach will lead you to the crux of the issues in your business. Whether it is you or your systems and processes holding you back from growth, the technical and relational expertise I bring to the table will provide you with useful insight, actionable advice, and tested tactics to create and implement the solutions to help your business work for you.

My informative workshops are developed to help you streamline your business systems and processes to save time, energy, effort, and money to give you strategic marketing tips for maximum visibility so you stand out from the crowd! Learn at your own pace from any device, any time at your convenience. Resume exactly where you left off. No limits on the number of times you can view lessons.

My speaking & teaching services will provide information in an easily digestible way that will motivate and empower participants to implement what they have learned. If you have a mindset, technology roadblocks, digital marketing, systems, and processes, or sales topic that you would like to address with or teach to your members, staff, or followers, I have extensive knowledge as well as blunt & humorous commentary that will make the learning process engaging and exciting.

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  • Book More Events Workshop Bundle

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    Bundle includes: Improve Online Visibility, Optimizing Your Website, Utilizing Engaging Content & Leveraging Your Contact Lists

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